Good web design should make it easy for visitors to know what to do and where to
go in an instinctive way. We’re able to use our abundant creative resources to make
a custom website design that leaves a positive impression in your customer’s minds.

Need a new Website

A well designed website needs to generate revenue, strengthen your brand and relieve pressure from your customer support. The demands and complexity of modern websites have risen in the past few years, leaving many businesses with outdated and broken ‘digital storefronts’. We can fix that.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is all about designing beyond the desktop and creating websites that look great on all devices. Your customers now visit your site on their iPhone, Android, netbook, tablet computer and even their TV. To give them a good experience we need to ensure your website is optimised for every device and Responsive Web Design does exactly that.

e-Commerce Online Stores

We can advise you on what works and what doesn't. We can easily develop and integrate your e-commerce platform into all the major online payment providers in New Zealand and abroad. We can either design a custom e-commerce website, tailored to your specific needs or develop an e-commerce website using various open source platforms that are loaded with many many features.

Web Design Examples


One Stop Comms Shop

We are a collective of industry professionals who design, develop and deliver on video content, social media strategies, website development and much much more.

Innovative Options

Were an innovative option that can enhance your brand on any social media platform to a global audience. We specialise in visually marketing and cross promoting your business.

We Connect People

We connect people to a product, We connect people to a service, We connect you. We will tell your story and we will help your business turn advertising costs into a profit.


Here are some testimonials of real people from real businesses that Monkey Majic Solutions have partnered with to enhance their global audience.