Nau mai haere mai

Monkey Majic Solutions will be your organisations kaitiaki (guardian) on your cultural journey. We will always keep you culturally safe. We will inform, educate and make your organisation aware of what enduring gains can look like. We will demonstrate what mana enhancing can look like.

Words to Waiata

This involves the practical element of this authentic cultural experience. Your organisation is welcomed onto a Marae with a powhiri, Kai karanga and Kaikorero. A historian provides an understanding of who the ancestors of that Marae are. After a cultural workshop, our composer writes your waiata and then collectively as a group we sing the newly written chorus on the day. The chorus and verses are downloaded to all the staff’s devices for them to learn in their time. The entire cultural experience of the day by the group at the Marae is video recorded. The video legacy content and relevant video content can then be used as marketing collateral on organisation’s website and various social media platforms.

Te Tiriti Workshops - Inclusivity and Diversity

We deliver our version of Te Tiriti in an organisation’s workplace environment. With experienced facilitators, our approach is to provide an understanding from a Māori and non-Māori position of what does the partnership of Te Tiriti mean. Time frame: 1 x Day

Transformation Organisational Change - Deep Dive Workshops

This is a customized cultural deep dive into transformation organisation change within your organisation. We explore, identify and co design what these changes could look like, whilst aligning your organisational values to Te Tiriti. 14 days later we provide a report with recommendations on how you would implement these changes into your organisation. Time frame 2 x days - back-to-back workshop

Optional Implementation of Te Tiriti Recommendations

After receiving the Te Tiriti recommendations, organisations are then given a unique opportunity. Organisations can use their own in-house team to deliver these Te Tiriti recommendations or organisations can utilise our preferred supplier to implement these Te Tiriti recommendations. *conditions apply - Timeframe: 10 months minimum


One Stop Comms Shop

We are a collective of industry professionals who design, develop and deliver on video content, social media strategies, website development and much much more.

Innovative Options

Were an innovative option that can enhance your brand on any social media platform to a global audience. We specialise in visually marketing and cross promoting your business.

We Connect People

We connect people to a product, We connect people to a service, We connect you. We will tell your story and we will help your business turn advertising costs into a profit.


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