Monkey Majic Solutions is a bi cultural portal of innovative services, business to business services,  business to customer services, platform to platform services.

Breviss Wolfgramm is “Te Pou Tu” of Monkey Majic Solutions.

Te Pou Tu is the “Standing Post”. This standing post is the establishing post that supports and establishes the wharenui (big house)

Te Pou Tu provides the design elements of the wharenui (big house). Elements involved are lifelong networks, personal relationships and pragmatic decision making.

These elements ensures there is a lifeforce (mauri) to the build. The standing post (Te Pou Tu) acknowledges the lifeforce (mauri) that is brought into the wharenui (big house) through connections, collaboration, relationships, people and innovation.

As the standing post (Te Pou Tu), the wharenui (big house) that Breviss has contributed to have been in the Military, Hospitality, Health, Blockchain Technology and Film & Television.

The various wharenui (big house) in these sectors still stand today, metaphorically and physically and are current and relevant examples of the Te Pou Tu philosophy.

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